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New home construction in Coffs Harbour

New Home Construction — Renovation in Woolgoolga, NSW
One of our most popular services at PITTSBUILT Design & Construct is new home construction. We provide the building services for your new home and we also design homes to meet the unique choices and requirements of our clients. Whether you want a large home that’s fit for entertaining or you want something more modest as a starter home or empty nest, we can help you with our design service. We can work with existing floorplans or you can have us design your home from scratch to accommodate your exact specifications. From the floorplan and design layout to the smallest details and finishing touches, you will get every detail exactly the way you want.

When you make the decision to embark on a new home construction, we will take the time to sit with you to get a full understanding of your lifestyle, budget and needs. Each element of the house can be designed with these things in mind so there will be no “It’s perfect except…” Every part of your home will be customised to suit you, everything will be chosen for functionality and aesthetics.

You will also get the benefit of working with just one contact point. We won’t have one person for you to speak with for the design and then pass you off to a salesperson who doesn’t know anything about the building process. You will have one contact throughout the entire process and that is who you will speak with about anything related to your home, the construction process and any questions or concerns you may have about anything. That same person will also come to you for guidance and discussion throughout the construction of your home so every detail is precisely what you had in mind.

Why choose PITTSBUILT Design & Construct for your new home construction?

You get what you need at every stage. Unlike buying a home which may or may not meet all of your needs, when you build a home from scratch you can play an active role regarding every design element and finer detail. From the layout to the colours being used for the kitchen tiles, we will make sure that you are nothing short of thrilled with each and every aspect of your house. Your home is a major financial investment, you want to make sure it’s everything you want it to be and more. When you choose to go with a new build you can also choose your land, whether you are in a rural location or a busy suburb. You also get to customise each and every aspect, that is not always possible with a ready-built home.

If you want more information on new home construction and design, get in touch with our team, we will be more than happy to provide you with a consultation to help you get started, along with an estimate.