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Architect House Plan — Renovation in Woolgoolga, NSW
Here at PITTSBUILT Design & Construct, we are a one source solution providing design and building services to make sure you get the exact home you want, that also suits your lifestyle. Making the decision to build or renovate your home is the first step, designing the right plan to follow is the next step in the process. Plans contain all aspects of the building or renovation work that will be undertaken. From the layout to the lighting and sometimes even landscaping will be included on the plans. We are proud to provide home design services for the Coffs Harbour area and surrounding locations, providing bespoke solutions so you can have the home you have always wanted.

We start by getting to know you and your family because there is no one home design that will work for everyone. When you are ready to have your home design planned out, come and talk to us. You may want to extend your home to accommodate a growing family or you may be looking to downsize after the kids have moved out. You may want an open concept plan where everyone can gather while you make dinner, or possibly a more classic layout where each room is its own separate space. We will discuss these aspects as well as other aspect such how you will use your home, how many people will be living there and more. This will allow us to create the house you need to accommodate your lifestyle.

We will also work alongside you to ensure that you are happy with the aesthetics of the home. Having a nice layout is important but you also have to like the way it all comes together from the outside in. We will examine each detail of the design with you in advance so you can be sure that there are no surprises and no element you are not happy with. We can tweak and change our plans until they perfectly suit your tastes and individual needs and then we can begin the building process.

Here at PITTSBUILT Design & Construct we are happy to say that we provide the home design services and we also provide the building and consultation services. We can help you with managing each building department, find financing and find the land you need to build your home. Our job is to make building your dream home as easy as possible. That’s why we will also make sure that you only work with one dedicated person throughout the design and construction process so you always know just who to contact in the event that you have a question or concern.

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If you are ready to get started with designing a whole new house or you want us to help you design a granny flat or renovation project, get in touch and we will be happy to get you started with the process.